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A few examples of what we offer frequently are listed below.  Our rates are always the cheapest you'll find, just give us a call, we will give you a quote:

  • PC maintenance - If your pc is running slower than it did when you first took it out of the box, most shops/engineers will tell you that your hardware is behind the times and you need an upgrade.  Sounds reasonable? NO..  Why should it run slower just because there's faster hardware out now? Your computer is probably just clogged up with old files/programs, malware/spyware, or even viruses.  Sometimes you can identify these problems yourself (see Fix Your Own PC) but sometimes its something a bit more technical, We offer a complete PC clean up service that will see your computer running as fast as ever.

        Time: 1-2hr Approx.          Cost: Contact Us for quote

  • PC Setup - An easy enough task that most people can do without any trouble, but if you are unable or just want to take the easy route, give us a call and we will do it for you ensuring your pc is secured with Anti-Virus protection before we leave.

        Time: 1hr Approx.         Cost: Contact Us for quote

  • Wireless / Wired Network Install (Home) - If you need a network setting up for you home or SOHO, then give us a call.  We cannot quote a price on the site because it will depend on how many terminals / access points are being installed.  Please ring or use the Contact Us page for a quote.

        Time: Contact Us for quote.         Cost: Contact Us for quote

  • Data Recovery - If you had a computer crash and now your left without your personal photo albums, important business files, or even your years and years of music / video files, we have specialist tools that can extract the data from your seemingly dead hard drive and recover the files for you.

        Time: probably a long, long time.         Cost: Depends on the amount of data being recovered.

  • PC Data Migration - If you need to take data from your old computer and put it onto your new one we offer a service that includes all your personal files, your personal settings i.e. favourite internet sites, personal files etc.  Please note, if your feeling like a bit of DIY, see our DIY PC Repair section and see if you want to do a standard migration yourself and save a few quid.

        Time: Depends on amount of data (few hours approx)         Cost: Contact Us for quote

We offer far too many services to list in this section, give us a call for an instant quote on the service you require on 07754973500.




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