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The first part of this section contains information on preventative measures you can take so that pc repair wont be required.  Once your computer is infected with a trojan, it is at the mercy of someone you don't know.  Any information on your computer now belongs to them (bank details, personal pictures, home address).  I don't want to worry you but it worries me just how little informed people are before they connect to the world wide web.

Make sure you have anti-virus software and your windows firewall up and running before browsing the internet.  Please don't use Norton or McAfee products as they are no where near as good as most free alternatives, slow your pc down & don't protect from virus' anyway.

Ok, first job is to ensure your Windows firewall is active.  Thankfully this can be done with a few clicks of your mouse:

Windows XP users -

  • Click [start] [run] and type control panel, click [ok]
  • Click [Network and Internet Connections], click [Network Connections]
  • Right click [Local Area Connection], click [Properties]
  • Click the tab [Advanced], click [Settings]
  • Ensure that the checkbox [On] is checked.

Windows 7 users -

  • Click [start] [control panel] [Windows Firewall]
  • You should see green ticks in here and no red crosses, if you see red crosses follow the below:
  • In the left pane click "Turn windows firewall on or off"
  • Here you can turn on the firewall for both home and public networks.


I recommend you use Avast Antivirus software (http://www.avast.com).

It's free and as I mentioned above, much better than the paid software out there, make sure you register the software once installed.  It will monitor your pc in realtime and deal with any malicious files it finds without you needing to get involved.  Also, it will update it definitions each day automatically. If you have any questions about other antivirus programs you would like to use, just drop me an email using the contact form.