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  1. Resources / advice that are provided on our site for free is subject to the following terms of use:

Any information taken from the site is used at the receivers own risk, we are not to be held responsible for any problems that arise from using the information, either to the person or to any hardware/software that may be affected.


    2.    Our PC Repair service terms and conditions are set out below:

Customers who qualify for special offers such as Free Callout and Free Repairs, can claim only one special offer per callout and per pc or laptop fix.

Prices charged for a pc repair or laptop repair will never be more than 70.  All technicians working for pc-repair-manchester.co.uk, do so to offer an exceptional service that is cheaper than the high street.  If we cannot offer a prompt and cost effective service for whatever reason, we will recommend that you try another service.  Prices charged are entirely at the discretion of the technician that you deal with.    



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