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This section focuses on Spyware & Malware.

Spyware seems to much more of a problem these days than trojans and normal virus', The term is used to describe a small application that gets onto your computer and "spys" on what your doing, it will look at what sites you visit amongst other things and report the data back to the maker or popup ads based on what it finds out. 

Malware tends to be more damaging to your computer and tends to alter settings and cause general announces where it can. 

Having antivirus software is not enough to keep these annoying applications at bay so I would recommend Spybot to clear them away.

  • Spybot - Download this software for free, use the update feature to ensure your definitions are up to date.  Once this is done, use the Immunise feature before doing a scan.  A handy program which comes included is Teatimer, it will ask for confirmation before changing any system settings although it can sometimes automatically block programs from installing that are legitimate.